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The most practical book on systems I've ever read!

Simple but life changing! Doesn't take long to read and is very easy to understand. Extremely clear and makes you feel that transforming your biz is completely doable given his step by step practical instruction.

Kerri Ho
Amazon Verified Purchase

Well done.

Reads like the clear, encouraging, empowering instruction of . . . well a successful martial arts instructor. Learn the technique, follow the method, do the drills -> enjoy the skills. Well done Korbett Miller!

Dennis Stom
Amazon Verified Purchase

A step-by-step guide to simplifying a small business

The key to every successful business is the systems it runs on. For busy business owners, putting great systems in place is a daunting and challenging task. Korbett Miller doesn't just simplify the process, he literally revolutionizes it by using google apps for every aspect, from creation to implementation to execution and ongoing use. If you already have great systems in place, this book will show you how to get rid of mountains of paperwork and track everything online. If you don't have great systems in place get this book and put it to work asap.

Ran Zohar
Amazon Verified Buyer

The Most Useful Small Business Book I've Ever Read.

Fantastic book for all small business owners regardless of industry. This isn't just a concept or big picture book. He provides an actual how to method you can just follow along and repeat. Using the methods Korbett shows, step by step, you could be up and running in just a couple hours without spending a dime.

I literally created dozens of systems in just a couple hours and showed them to my staff in minutes. I feel like I'm starting to regain my sanity already.

Buy this book and follow everything Korbett does.

Andrew N. Wilson
Amazon Verified Buyer