Do I Own A Business or A Job?

I know that many small business owners start with the idea of owning a small business as being a way to achieve their dreams of freedom, independence and happiness.  Sometimes however people that I have worked with wind up finding that they liked their corporate gigs better than their gigs as an entrepreneur.  I think it’s fundamental to understand how you have structured the relationship of  you to your business.


A Business A Job
You run it It runs you
Can run with out you You stop working, it stops working
Systems drive the business Your personality and ego drive the business
The people and systems take care of “headaches”. You feel every “headache” when something goes wrong.


There is nothing wrong with having a creating a job for yourself that you like doing.  However,  scaling a business that relies intensely on you is very difficult.  If you have systems in place you can scale the work in the business.  However, most people do not take the time to work on their business on any consistent basis.

 In my book De-mythify I take you through the process of business development.  Think of this process as the maintenance of your business or working out or eating healthy.  You have have to work on business development consistently in order to receive the benefits of doing it.  I call this the Magic Hour. Each day you wake up, work one hour on creating, assigning and managing your business.  If you just work out once then couch surf the rest of your week, there is very little benefit.  The Magic Hour is very similar,  it has to be the marathon effort not the sprint to achieve the freedom in you business that you deserve.  However,  if you just want a job thats ok too.


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