The First Dimension of Wealth: Financial Wealth

Money only solves the problems that come from not having any.

It’s even a cliche from the hip hop community “mo money, mo problems”.  Although lots of people associate success with accumulation of material wealth. If this were true there would be no cautionary tales of sudden wealth from lottery winners,  pro-sport figures or people from the entertainment industry.

Do not get me wrong, I have been poor and I have experienced a certain level of success.  I much more enjoy the latter though as I guess you all would too.  However,  I have always maintained that I want to do my best to protect what I have.  I know that at some level, playing it “safer” has allowed opportunities to slip through my fingers.  I also know that spending time with my family,  traveling and keeping myself in shape are essential to becoming a healthy individual pursuing financial success.

Base hits or Home runs:  Everyone wants to strike it rich.

There are tons of shows on television about every manner of how people can “strike it rich”.

  1. Cooking shows: become a world famous Chef.
  2. Flipping houses:  look at how much money you can make rehabbing houses….yourself.
  3. Oil drilling:  How about striking it rich by drilling oil in the barren Alaska Wilderness.
  4. Storage locker shopping:  Yes look through tons of people old clothes, stained mattresses (ewww) for treasure.
  5. Panning for gold: Yes there is even a T.V. show about panning for gold

Truth be told most financial success I have a achieved would be the worst T.V. shows ever.

Here would be my list for the worst televisions shows that allow you to accumulate wealth.

  1. Save your money every month:  Index Fund Investing…..not sexy at all.  Wow look at how he saves every month automatically…..borrrriiiiinnnnng
  2. Keep your debt low:  Weekly keep track expenses,  time to tighten the belt.  Look at how he denies himself from overspending.
  3. Spend money within your means:  Drive the TDI Jetta not the Lexus IS250.     Will never see this on a Rap video.
  4. Be really careful with new businesses:  Be super paranoid about expanding and losing it all.  Think of the ratings this would get.  Its like a paranoid version of the Apprentice.
  5. Invest and hold real estate:  Remodeling places suck,  eek out a little cash flow and then invest it.
  6. Deal with deadbeat tenants: Ok, this could be a good show.  Jerry Springer meets Cops.

The advice above is “tongue in cheek” (however, I think it is a great template).  I am not a billionaire and do not want the problems that come along with that sort of wealth.  I do want to balance my accumulation of wealth, with the other three dimensions of wealth.  Because if you do not have the other three dimensions  (Wealth of Time,  Wealth of Place,  and Emotional Wealth) you could wake up and realize the most important wealth that we can have as humans cannot be measured with number.

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