Four Dimensions of Wealth for Entrepreneurs

In the last year I have had the great pleasure of speaking with a tons of people about what the life of an entrepreneur is really about.  I have met people that have been very successful that seem to be miserable.  I have also met people who are hustling constantly,  who are very busy and are in a constant state of joy.  I have met lots of people in between as well.

I’m trying to help people, entrepreneurs to be exact, through my work as a business coach and mentor.   It does not matter what business you are in,  you might be striving to achieve a balance and sense of abundance from the following four dimensions of what it means to be wealthy.

In terms of……

  1. Financial Wealth
  2. Wealth of Time
  3. Wealth of Place
  4. Emotional Wealth

We all experience these to some extent or another.  However we want to balance these,  so we have a life that is fulfilling to us.  Over the next few posts I will describe for you tools and tactics to beef up the experience of each of these.

To create a balance as an entrepreneur, we must examine how we can create systems to better manage our business and to experience each of these four dimensions.

The fantasy of Entrepreneurship is that you will earn a fantastic living,  have the ability to spend time with your family,  have a manageable stress-level,  and do these while making a difference in peoples lives. But it doesn’t necessarily be just a fantasy anymore. There are ways of planning in your business using online tools that can help you like no time in the past.

Stay tuned for my next posts on how to de-mythify your entrepreneurial dreams.

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