Got Freedom?

Most small businesses start thier enterprise with an idea of how the business will set them free.  This comes through the thought process that being your own boss means that you can do the following well or better than what you have seen before.

  1. making your own schedule
  2. supervising employees
  3. making decisions

I think lots of people who start with this idea whind up in this reality.

  1. Become a slave to  the long hours of the business.
  2. Attempting to manage emloyees ineffectively, because work is not defined clearly.
  3. Not understanding what is going on thier business well enough to make informed decision.

I know I did.

Only when I began to create the systems in my business, delegate, and follow up did I start to understand how important freedom is to the entrepreneur.  When you begin to look at your business through the prism of freedom only then to you recognize the power of the system to set you free.

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