How Would Your Business Be If You Worked for 240 Hours on Improving It?

I have spoken with hundreds of business owners over the last 6 months.  However,  even before I wrote my book De-Mythify, I was always astounded at the lengths that people will go to not do business development.

I know that after having my business for the last 18 years that there is a tendency for me to slide on doing my “Magic Hour” of business development a day.  However I realize that day by day, the hours add up to days, and the days to months, and months to years.

Think, if you worked on your business for 20 hours straight….

Improving the way work gets done,   documenting, making videos,  training your staff and sharpening the saw once you have all the major systems created and placed in your business.

Every business can take this idea of an ongoing business development and improving your processes to help make the tasks in your business happen on time every time with “clock like” precision.

Even if you do not use the “Growth Hack” approach of migrating your systems online,  just start in an Evernote to document how the process of each work should be done; creating your own policy manual.

If you just do an hour each day with your systems in one year, you would have nearly 240 hours of business development.  Ten entire days of working 24 hours/7 days a week to improve your small business.

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