Magic Hour Course by Korbett Miller

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Each customer is worth over 20k a year to my electrical company, easily. They used to waste, at the very least, an hour a day communicating to me details of simple, recurring projects. NOW, they fill out my form, and I talk to them once a week for 30 min max. 5 hours minimum weekly vs 30 min weekly. That's 4.5 hours I can be productive in my biz, or simply give back to my family. The math works out for the cost, don't you think. It's not rocket science.

- Five Stars..... Great and simple investment..., Electrical Contractor from South Carolina

Day to Day Guide Using the Quick Start Tools $299

You will be given access to video training that will guide you every step of creating and implementing tools from Quick Start course so you can build your own business system.

At the end of the course, you will be able to create at least 10 effective and highly customized business system.

Imagine how better your business will operate when all the processes in your business are created, assigned and managed.  If you purchase the Magic Hour Course you will automatically get access to the Quickstart Course a $199 value.

This course will teach you all the mechanics of what you need to "De-mythify" your business.  Lets make the vision of your business into concrete terms.  I have done it for other business and I can do it for you.