Robots anyone?


I was at a seminar over the weekend.  It was great about it was talking about mission,  creating content, branding yourself through online content.  Really great stuff.  The moderator is someone I really admire,  however I know how he would react to my De-Mythify book.

“These are people not robots” he would say.   “Why are you giving them checklists!   You are not respecting their abilities.”  I understand his argument.

I could actually make a convincing argument that yes as much I want to have clear instructions, the way that the process works,  its really just the opposite.  It engages your staff to make better systems to address the real work.  It takes the nebulous and makes it real,  it takes the expectation and create instructions.  We are asking for help,  giving feedback and creating a “rock-solid” way of helping to accomplish the mission of the school.

k for feedback, ask for help,  ask for involvement… robot can do that!

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