The Second Dimension of Wealth: Freedom of Time

In this world where we are hyper-connected, where technology held the promise of making our lives easier,  we seem more hurried and many times less able to enjoy the time that we have.  People sleep with their cell phones near their bed,  if they have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night they check to see if they got an email from someone working in another part of the world while you are supposed to be sleeping.

Entrepreneurs have it even more challenging.  

The pace at which business moves is incredibly fast.  It’s oh so easy to get caught up in responding to email, dealing with challenges that the last thing you get to do is have enough breathing space to find the next opportunity to grow your business.

Since Entrepreneurs are so busy.  Many times they crave time wealth.  They want to freedom to…

  • spend time with their friends
  • spend time with their family
  • have a social life
  • have an “un-tethered” vacation

If you have systems in your business this can give you the time that you need to do any of those things mentioned above.  If you “growth hack” your systems with the technology I describe in my book, De-Mythify, you can create amazing results.  Systems that think for you,  train your staff for you,  allow you to monitor them batch wise, without having to be at your business all the time.

The challenge is taking the time in your day to create the necessary systems to create the freedom you want.  It’s about spending a little time each day to create your systems.  Each hour you put into this process will save you an hour a month in extra work.  Day by day….these hours add up to days….and the days add up to the Time Wealth you deserve.

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