What to do when your staff does not do their job?

Was just working with one of my consulting clients today.  He was talking about how one of his employees did his checklists, and hit the submit button early.    Part of his checklist was to check the locker rooms (this person owns a gym).  Well he did not and wound up locking a client in the business.

So the owner got a call that one of his clients was locked in the gym, had to go down and unlock the door.  On our weekly call he was frustrated with his staff.

His frustration was apparent, however I told him that it was a great opportunity to re-teach the system and to emphasize the importance of going over each item step by step.  I also told him that no matter how much his business grows, and how many people he hires,  someone must manage the systems that he established.  Unfortunately this never goes away, even the most franchised business needs a manager.  Some days you have to lead, control and teach very little.  Other days it seems like everyone is off point.

However I do feel the more precise you create, assign and manage your systems the better your results will be.  Remember that once you have the dailiy work and major systems in your business you magic hour will then move more toward creating bench marks for performance and results.






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