How to Teach a New System to Your Staff?

I am a professional martial arts coach and instructor.  I have taught 20,000 martial arts classes.  I have coached students who have competed in tournaments all over the world.

I also have taken de-conditioned, non-athletic people and helped them to create athletic skills and phenomenal martial arts skills into their middle aged years.

I have students who have been training with me for 12 to 15 years and continue to learn from me.

The point is,  I have taught and coached lots of people.  In many ways teaching my staff a new system or a new skills is not very different from teaching a kick, arm lock or choke.

Here are the steps that I use to teach my staff a new system.

  1. I do it:  If you have taken the time to C.A.M. your system with you creating a video of how the system should be done, you will always be able to have this part of teaching the system correctly.
  2. We do it:  I go through the system with my new staff making sure that they understand how to precisely execute the systems.
  3. You do it:  This is where I have my staff show me without prompting from me.  I then give feedback until the system is ran the way that I want it.
  4. You teach:  I then have the staff teach me, or teach someone else how to do the system.  If you teach someone how to do that system, and they can understand it, it gives the teacher a new found understanding of the pieces that go along with it.

If you help your staff to understand how the system works, you can help people to achieve great performance out of the gate.  You want to set your staff up for success and training them on how you want the system ran is a very important key to that success.

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